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We’re here because more people across the economic spectrum deserve to live secure and rewarding lives.
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We make it delightfully easy to build and grow wealth

Aisafeservers operates as an international digital investment management platform. Our Company offers access to multiple, automated, algorithm driven financial services, investment solutions, diversified alternative investments, portfolio management, financial planning, and advisory services.

Aisafeservers began as an early investor in today’s most recognizable alternative investment funds, creating and managing several investment funds catering to offshore high net worth investors. Sovereign pioneered the distinctive vision to create an institutional solution to not only navigate, but also facilitate and simplify, the alternative investment journey.

Having a keen understanding of the industry, we realize that one size does not fit all, and advisors need more customizable options to avoid slow and strategy overlap in client portfolios. The clients too are introduced to multiple investment options to improve their investment results and grow their investments positions to create a desired portfolio figure.

Our proprietary technologies, specifically designed for alternatives/institutional investments over the last 18 years, is re-tooled as a web-based platform. For the first time, our proprietary analytics, portfolio optimizer, research and due diligence, and reporting capabilities become available to our clients, providing enhanced transparency so advisors can serve their clients professionally and our distinct clients/investors also have a better, valued experience with us. Our technology and clients-data info becomes cloud-based, providing our clients with enhanced security, scalability, and resilience.


100,000+ Clientele/Investors in over 21 countries across the globe. We provide exceptional and widely automated alternative investment services, advices and guide to over 1000+ independent financial professionals and entrepreneurs network builders who represent over £4billion in assets collectively.

50+ Derivatives Funds and Diversified institutional Funds

Gain exposures to the industry's best-in-class institutional alternative investments, private equity & hedge funds who manage over $6 trillion in digital assets and traditional investment assets .

200+ Certified Team Leaders, Private Partners and Qualified Asset Managers

Benefit by Leveraging our team of over 200+ professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance,technology, real estate, sales and network marketing.

Company Value

Its all about your Future

We focus on comprehensive financial advice and investment services


Aisafeservers EA (Expert Advisor) algorithms, AI-technology and professional proprietary software experts team working together, create an extraordinary diversified trading and hedging platform. All Aisafeservers technology is managed by our own trade technicians. Proprietary analytics models provide visibility of top-performing strategies. AUTOTRACK™ is a market leading database of alternative investments asset hedge fund performance and buy-side market intelligence. Better data leads to smarter investment decisions.


Exceptional connectivity throughout the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem. Aisafeservers-Vision Hill has a proven history of accessing hard-to-reach or capacity-constrained opportunities and, in some cases, has been able to negotiate favorable investment terms, improved liquidity, or reduced fees.


Extensive understanding across portfolio and risk management, due diligence, and valuation. 5+ year track record of investing in high quality digital asset market strategies.